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Why Relish AI is a Must for your eCommerce Business

Why Relish AI Is a Must for Your eCommerce Business

The most important thing for any business is having talented people to work with and resources that will help them grow in size as well! With a good mix of the right people and the right tools, businesses can scale the heights they may desire.

There are different tools available for different verticals of business. But there's one specific business vertical that should be prioritized by eCommerce businesses, and that is - the customer experience and relationship.

Importance of customer experience

The efficacy of a good customer experience strategy has a direct effect on the overall business. Here's what the numbers say.

  • Companies with customer experience as their priority were 3x as likely as their competitors to have exceeded their top desired business metrics.

  • Customer experience is responsible for over 2/3rds of loyal customers, which is more than the brand value and price combined. (Source: Gartner)

So now that you know the importance of customer experience, it's time to invest in tools and technology that help you get your customer experience strategy right.

The best customer experience tool for online brands right now is conversational AI-powered chatbots.

Chatbots are one of the few customer experience tools that help businesses enhance performance across their customer journey right from acquiring new customers to retaining existing customers. Relish AI is one of the front-runners in the race of conversational AI-powered chatbots designed especially for eCommerce.

Here are the main features that make Relish Ai's conversational AI-powered chatbot the best tool for eCommerce businesses. Particularly for those businesses that wish to ace their customer's experience strategy, increase customer engagement and build a loyal customer base.

1. Never miss a chance to wow your customers and store visitors

With Relish AI, you arm yourself to deliver customer support to your visitors and customers round the clock. This way, you can also cater to a global audience without running a support staff 24 hours a day. The chatbots can deal with 80% of customer queries in real-time.

This increases your chances of acquiring new customers and also retaining the old customers by 2X. It also frees up the precious time of your agents and also enhances your brand value.

2. No waiting games

Wow your customers with no waiting games - with Relish AI’s conversational FAQs feature customers and visitors get instant answers to questions about products and policies directly in the chat window. The chatbot understands different variations of the same questions as well as improves with each interaction.

3. Leverage knowledge-base library

You can integrate your knowledge base library with a chatbot and create a robust customer support tool. Visitors and customers are often looking for adequate information before purchasing, during purchase, and even post-sale. This information, which is needed, is mostly generic.

Tending to search for repetitive queries requires a lot of the agent's time. Relish AI chatbot is a suitable tool to automate these tasks and queries. It can instantly answer the frequently asked questions and also provide supporting literature for the same. The combination of the knowledge base and chatbots helps in instilling trust.

3. Easily route to live agents for complex queries

Talking about customer queries, the goal is not to replace human customer support with conversational chatbots but to make both of them work together efficiently.

In case the chatbot is faced with a complex or specific query, it can be easily redirected to a live agent who specializes in this particular topic.

5. No coding knowledge required

Most businesses think that deploying a chatbot to your website or application is a very technical thing. Yes, this is partly true. Deploying chatbots does require input from the IT support staff.

But this is not the case with Relish AI's chatbot. It comes with a plug and play ease and doesn't mandate any IT knowledge. You can have it up and running in under 30 mins (Really!).

6. Tailored experiences

Relish AI's chatbot uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand customers' and visitors' patterns. It gauges the variations of customer questions and responds accordingly.

8. Seamless integrations

Relish AI chatbots integrate easily with other eCommerce apps. You can also connect the chatbot to third-party apps with the help of API and an extensive AI library.

Interestingly, considering all these points make Relish AI's conversational AI-powered chatbot a very potent tool for all eCommerce businesses.

With Relish AI chatbot, M.S. Skincare one of our happy customers witnessed an increase in sales conversions and average monthly conversions by up to 35%.


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