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Boost your Email marketing with Relish Ai


Relish AI’s turnkey lead generation feature, customers and site visitors are incentivized to share their email addresses. Our conversational AI-powered chatbot also qualifies the customer while assessing their stage in the journey - with an engaging experience at every step!


Generating and qualifying leads has never been easier with Relish AI’s lead generation feature. Recommend products, share updates as well as re-target these leads to deliver personalized email campaigns with our seamless integration with Klaviyo.


Our email to live-chat feature allows you to bridge the gap between email and live-chat to deliver personalized communication to your customers. 


Personalized Exit cart Campaigns

Millions are lost each year to abandoned carts. Our always-on conversational AI-powered chatbot works as a virtual assistant to identify and reduce friction points for the customer and improve store conversions. It also deploys Exit Cart campaigns at the first sign of cart abandonment with personalized incentives like free shipping and coupons directly in the chat window to nudge the user to finish the purchase.

Instant answers with Conversational FAQ


Shoppers are now demanding personalized and immediate attention from the moment they land on your website. Relish AI’s conversational chatbot provides customers with instant answers for a product, brand and policy-related questions 24/7, 365 days a year without taking any breaks. Say Goodbye to manually browsing FAQ pages!

Products FAQ

Reduce your response time with instant answers for products FAQs with our conversational FAQs feature.

Conversational Flows as response Types vs Static Text as Response types

With conversational flow, you can guide your customers with a defined order of the questions asked by the chatbot or reply to customer queries with a pre-defined set of responses.


Conversational Search

Keyword-based search can deliver thousands of generic results but today’s consumers crave an increased level of assistance and personalization throughout their journey from the search to delivery.


Relish AI’s Conversational search simplifies the path from intent to the transaction by offering personalized assistance using needs-based questions to help shoppers find what they are truly looking for.


Instant FAQ Responses

Slash down your response time with 24/7 instant answers for product, policies and brand-related FAQs with our conversational AI-powered chatbot for Shopify.

Automated Sales Assistant

Relish AI’s Shopify chatbot/automated sales assistant can help you manage multiple sales and support elements to increase your sales and grow your business.

Improve Conversions

Improve your store conversions by providing 24/7 immediate assistance with instant answers and reduce your response time with Relish AI’s conversational AI-powered chatbot for Shopify. 

Sales Campaigns

Engage and re-engage your customers with Relish AI’s wide range of in-house tools and sales campaigns

  • Welcome campaigns

  • Newsletter campaigns

  • Product in-stock campaigns

  • Exit cart campaigns.

Automated Customer Support

In a time when customers expect instant answers and around the clock support, a human-centric approach is not sustainable anymore. 


Relish AI’s automated customer support can deliver a level of responsiveness that isn’t humanly possible, is not constrained by time zones and public holidays and also reduces the cost of human support representatives.


Post Purchase

Track Order

Automate order tracking with our conversational AI-powered chatbot for Shopify and keep your customers informed of their order status at all times. 


Our AI-powered chatbot for Shopify assists in the returns process with near-instant refunds or scheduled returns without wasting any of your valuable time or resources.

Shopify One-Click Post-purchase upsell

Increase your average order value with post-checkout upsells and cross-sell functionality. Boost your Shopify sales by 5-10% by providing hard-to-miss post-purchase upsells that your customers can add to the cart with just one click.

Re-Order a Product

At Relish AI, we understand how valuable re-ordering can be for your Shopify store owners as well as your customers. Our team of experts have developed a 1-click reorder option to save both your and your customer’s time and energy.

Voice Assistant for Shopify

With the rise of voice-activated smart devices (Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant), voice interactions (voice search) are primed to become a viable alternative or fully replace the traditional graphical user interfaces. 


With Relish AI’s voice assistant, customers can search for products, and get instant answers on product FAQs by using the voice assistant instead of the traditional approach of typing.

Combine 24/7 Automated Sales Chat

Integrating Shopify Inbox or Gorgias with Relish AI chatbot frees you (or your customer support team) by automating simple and repetitive tasks and customer queries, providing instant answers for product FAQs, and assisting support functions like order tracking, cancellations, refunds and collecting context for customer support agents.

Supports Escalation

At Relish AI, we understand how valuable re-ordering can be for your Shopify store owners as well as your customers. Our team of experts have developed a 1-click reorder option to save both your and your customer’s time and energy.

Take over the Chatbot

Upon escalation, the chatbot does a hand-over to the live support agent. The support agent can then enter the conversation in the correct context with the information collected by the chatbot. 

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