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Support your support team with automation

Automate instant answers for simple and repetitive tasks and customer queries with Relish AI’s conversational AI-powered chatbot.

14 days trial

Why choose Relish AI for Support?


Customers say customer support is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Relish AI makes it easy

On average reduction in the number of support tickets per month with Relish AI



Increase in customer engagement and satisfaction for brands after adopting Relish AI


Instant live-order tracking and updates 

Provide instant and automated updates to your customer about their orders. Automated live-order tracking lets your customer check their order status instantly without involving the support staff.


Provide instant automated answers for common customer questions

Deliver instant answers for product/services, policy and brand-related FAQs with Relish AI’s conversational FAQs directly in the chat window. Get automated assistance in other support functions like cancellations, refunds and exchanges as well.

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“I love using this app! It has definitely helped lighten our customer service load as a lot of the questions are automatically answered with this app. The support is outstanding! Roopnath and the team have gone beyond to make sure that we have everything we need to use this app to its full potential. They keep coming out with new features to make the app even better- definitely give this try!”


Mullein and Sparrow - M.S.Skincare

Seamless hand-over from chatbot to support live-chat

Seamless transition from chatbot to a human agent when the customer wishes to chat to a human agent. The chatbot empowers the agent with the context from its chat interaction and customer history to better understand and resolve the issue

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