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Automate your sales & support


Works 24/7, even while you sleep! 


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Too Much Going On and Limited Resources?

The only employee you need for sales & support automations


 Engage your customers 3X more with 

Chat  Campaigns


Boost your revenue


Reduce support operations by over 30%


Fast deployment with our expert support

Turn Conversations Into Sales

Boost Conversion Rates
Boost Conversion Rates

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Personalized Recommendations
Personalized Recommendations

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Capture More Emails
Capture More Emails

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Boost Conversion Rates
Boost Conversion Rates

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Assist In Product Discovery (Conversational Searching)


Instant Answers for Product FAQ’s 


Recover Abandon Carts


Cross Selling & Up Selling


Conversational Campaigns - Automate Your Support When You are Not Available 


Assist In Returns, Exchanges, & Cancellations 


Instant Answers for Brand Information 

Automate Customer Support

Today's shoppers expect personalized & immediate attention! Get rid of the Away Messages and take advantage of our proprietary conversational AI platform that leverages machine learning to instantly answer customer questions 24/7.

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Instant Customer Satisfaction

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Reduce Support Tickets

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Lower Customer Support Costs

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Empower Live Agents To Do More

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Live Agent Transfer

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Web Accessibility 


Here is how it works

4 Ways Relish AI is completely different to any chatbot you have seen before

Don’t confuse Relish AI shopping assistants to typical chatbots.

We are way different…


It works 24/7,

even while you sleep! 

Relish AI is software you hire to do sales & support when you are offline. We guide you in just a few clicks in creating campaigns that you have final say over.


Your personalized shopping assistant will supercharge your sales and automate your support.

Did I mention we can also integrate in your current live chat Helpdesks.

It is a good team player

You are in control of what tasks it performs or what questions it answers and how it responds.


When it does not have enough information to answer a question it always connects the customer to you or your colleagues to answer a question.


It learns & grows

It is personalized for your store and continuously learns from user interactions.

The longer you use it, the more intelligent it will be.

It gives you superpowers

Today's shoppers expect personalized & immediate attention! Get rid of the Away Messages and provide instant answers with a human touch.


Our clients are seeing a 20% increase in sales and cutting over 30% in support operations after just one month.  


Great Shopping Assistant!

The app automatically & quickly lets our customers track orders, provide recommendations, and shop our extensive product catalog. 


Joseph C.

Rockwell Nutrition 


Supercharge your Shopify Store! 

Create an account, setup your first chat skill in a matter of minutes not months. It basically pays for itself.


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Simplify the path to purchase with 
Relish AI

A new way to personalize your customers’ shopping experience.

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Automate your sales and support

Relish AI chatbots intelligently handle every single one of your visitors’ requests

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Reduce the burden on your support by automating simple and repetitive tasks like order tracking & FAQ queries

Support your support team

Chatbot assistance at every touchpoint to improve customer engagement, increase store conversions

Increase Conversion