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Shopify Inbox allows businesses to talk with their customers and sell over online store chat, social media, and email all for free from a single business chat app. But the quality of the customer experience is highly dependent on the quality and training of the support team. Inbox works best with 24/7 customer support working in the background.


Relish AI helps businesses deliver an unrivalled customer experience without the need for a 24/7 support team. The chatbot can handle 80% of all customer interactions and escalates only when it’s unable to resolve an issue on its own.

What you can do with Shopify Inbox integration

  1. Manage all your live-chat interactions in a single place

  2. Search, access and monitor customer interactions with ease

  3. Assign, review and close support requests in a few clicks

The support team can understand the context of the issue by reading chatbot interaction with the customer before taking over on escalations 

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