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Recapture lost leads with automation

Grow your subscribers and re-engage your shoppers with off-site personalized conversational campaigns

14 days trial

Why choose Relish AI for Remarketing?

Only 2%

Customers end up converting after the first visit. Re-engage them on-site and off-site with Relish AI

Visitors are more likely to convert if remarketed within the 24 hours

7 in 10


Our client recovered their sales with Relish AI’s conversational remarketing


Grow your subscriber base 

Customers are rewarded with attractive incentives to share their contact details for personalized product recommendations, updates and newsletters.


Keep abandoned carts at bay

Relish AI’s chatbot deploys customized Exit cart campaigns at the first sign of exit intent. To encourage your shoppers to finish the purchase with personalized incentives like free shipping, discount coupons etc directly in the live chat window.

“Very impressed right out of the gate. Needed to "beef" up our Chat capabilities and were impressed with the AI integration with Relish. Customer support was quick and responsive, even including major stakeholders from the company on day 1.”


Happy To Meat You

Re-engage with personalized remarketing 

Reach out to your prospects with personalized offers via remarketing via email and SMS. Relish AI’s email to live-chat feature allows you to bridge the gap between email and live chat and deliver hyper-personalized conversational campaigns. 

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