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5 Best Shopify Apps for Your Shopify Jewelry Store

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Shopify Jewelry Store

If you have a jewelry store on Shopify and are looking for apps to improve your online store, look no further. From Shopify chatbots for customer support, apps to expand inventory and improve engagement, we have created a list of 5 Shopify apps that will perfectly complement your store and help improve your conversion rate.

1. Relish AI

Relish Demo Store

Buying jewelry online is an information-driven process. Relish AI’s conversational AI-powered chatbot for Shopify can provide relevant and instantaneous information for all your products without you having to even lift a finger.

The Shopify chatbot helps automate all your support functions like ordering, cancellations, tracking and refunds while reducing abandoned carts with exit intent campaigns. The chatbot seamlessly integrates with other Shopify and third-party apps to deliver a more personalized customer experience 24/7.

2. GemFind DiamondLink

GemFind DiamondLink

DiamondLink by GemFind allows you to expand your online inventory by displaying and selling virtual diamonds to your customers. The app automatically connects store owners with certified top diamond suppliers in the US to search and find certified and lab-grown loose diamonds of any shape, size, color and clarity.

3. Jewelfie


The Jewelfie app creates a virtual trial room that allows your customers to upload images of themselves to see how your products would look on them, thereby helping you increase sales and reduce returns. Customers can try up to 5 different looks and also save the images with the jewelry as ‘Jewelfie’.

4. Online Ring Sizer

Online Ring Sizer

Online Ring Sizer solves one of the biggest problems with buying rings online, it helps your customers to find the correct size. The app provides a size chart that helps them determine the right size using rings they already own, as well as a ruler they can use to measure their fingers and determine their ring sizes.

5. The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror lets your customers upload pictures of themselves to see how your products will look on them, including support for piercings, necklaces and earrings. The app allows your customers to try the products virtually thus creating a highly interactive experience, increase sales and reduce returns.


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