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Relish AI Chatbot Case Study: How a Probiotic brand Increased Engagement and Improved Shopify store conversion rate.

Updated: 6 days ago


In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, leveraging advanced technology can significantly enhance customer engagement and conversion rates. This Relish AI chatbot case study explores how Probiotic Maker a Health niche Shopify store, utilized Relish AI’s conversational chatbot to transform their Shopify store's performance, achieving remarkable improvements in sales, customer service, and operational efficiency.


"Incredible and super fast to set up! I wish I had found this weeks ago instead of wasting time with super-expensive companies and agencies that couldn't do the intelligent FAQ! Amazing people who helped me with some advanced customization too!"
- Probiotic Maker-Shopify E-commerce

About Shopify Brand:

Probiotic Maker the brand has a strong online presence. With a passion for health and customer satisfaction, the company has tailored its Shopify website to offer a seamless user experience, characterized by personalized customer interactions and efficient service.


The Challenge:

Probiotic Maker faced the typical challenges of any growing e-commerce platform: how to provide round-the-clock personalized assistance, efficiently handle customer inquiries, and convert site visits into conversions without escalating operational costs.

The Solution: Relish AI

To address these challenges, Probiotic Maker installed Relish AI’s AI-powered chatbot on their Shopify website. Relish AI helped to activate automated live-chat support and provide instant responses to queries with conversational FAQs about products, policies, and the brand, thus enhancing the customer service experience.

Key Implementations and Their Impact:

  • Conversational FAQs: Delivered immediate answers to customer queries, ensuring that customers received timely and relevant information, which improved user engagement.

  • Automation of Routine Tasks: By automating common inquiries and customer service tasks, by using general FAQs the chatbot reduced support requests and tickets by automating simple and repetitive tasks.

  • Enhanced Customer Support- Streamlined support operations with features like Managing orders, Product level FAQs, and if required an easy Live chat integration to talk to support agents to ensure enhanced customer support.


Increase in sales- There was a 30% increase in sales, attributed to enhanced customer engagement and improved conversion rates.

Reduction in support tickets- Support tickets were reduced by 30-50%, demonstrating the efficiency of automating routine support tasks.

Increase in email subscribers- The seamless interaction and reliable support contributed to a 30% increase in the email subscribers list, expanding the company’s marketing reach.

Probiotic Maker’s Relish AI chatbot case study shows how integrating AI-powered solutions like Relish AI can significantly enhance e-commerce performance. Relish AI installation not only improved operational efficiency but also enriched the customer shopping experience, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Book a Relish AI Demo.


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