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Personalize your marketing with highly interactive quizzes

Collect actionable data from your customers and segment them based on the answers they give with Relish AI quizzes. Tag shoppers so you know what kind of person they are!

14 days trial


Why choose Relish AI quizzes to personalize your marketing?


are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them

Higher conversion rate for quiz-takers than non-quiz takers

3 to 10X

120 seconds

Average time spent on the site for quizzes compared to standard 30 seconds time spent on Site

Fast-track your product recommendation process with quizzes

Quiz your customers and let their answers generate automated product recommendations that will wow them!


Grow your list and segment it by capturing customer details

Instead of just throwing all your subscribers in one bucket, segment them. Quizzes can do this for you and provide multiple outcomes with different mailing lists


“This is one of our best programs that increases conversions and has helped our sales grow by double digits each month! Not only a must needed app for any supplement site, but one of the best customer service organizations that we work with. They took the time to learn our business....they really care about our success...and they go beyond the call of duty on a regular basis..”



Build more detailed customer profiles to aid retention and growth

Customize your products offerings, send hyper-personalized marketing communications with a better understanding of your customers through Relish AI’s interactive quizzes.

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