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How to Build an AI Chatbot for Your eCommerce Clients?

Did you know that by adding a chatbot on your online platform, up to 30% of customer support expenses can be cut? Conversational AI-powered chatbots can answer 80% or more of your customer questions and help users navigate through the site. They also collect important information from customers so they may complete transactions themselves.

What is an AI chatbot?

An artificial intelligence chatbot is a piece of software that has been programmed to have ‘chat’ with human users.

What is a conversational AI-powered chatbot?

Conversational AI-powered chatbots are the next stage in the evolution of chatbots. They can mimic the way humans communicate to understand and respond in natural language, recognizing speech patterns and expressions, comprehending context for words chosen by the speaker, and anticipating what might come next in a conversation.

Benefits of using conversational AI chatbot for your business

The future of customer service is conversational AI chatbots. They are becoming an increasingly popular way to engage with customers either directly on your website/online stores or social media sites. Chatbots are a great way for store owners to provide shoppers with helpful information and customer service. They can be integrated into your Shopify store in the form of a chat widget which will allow you to showcase all your products and services as well as answer any product, brand, or policy questions that may arise.

They also save you time by not having to constantly respond to messages from consumers who may be frustrated or need help finding something on your site.

Why are conversational AI chatbots gaining momentum amongst Shopify stores and online businesses?

With the rise of messaging apps and shoppers' preference to chat with brands, conversational AI chatbots are fast gaining momentum. A conversational AI chatbot can respond to customer queries in seconds while humans might take minutes or hours before responding which leads to some consumers feeling abandoned when their concerns go unanswered by human sales representatives.

It can also qualify potential buyers by calibrating their preferences based on things like social media accounts or past purchases-- this helps you reach out better knowing who would be interested before wasting time trying other avenues when there's already an open door at hand.

When to use a chatbot?

If your company/website/store processes hundreds/thousands of repetitive requests per day and spends a lot of resources on customer service, then it is time to automate.

If you’re a small to medium sized business that values every customer interaction but lacks the budget nor the human resources for 24/7 customer service, then a chatbot might be the answer.

How to build a chatbot for your business You can use an off-the-shelf solution to design a no-code chatbot with a drag and drop interface but most of these chatbots are not flexible, need professional support for API integrations, and offer no data security.

Or you can try out’s conversational AI-powered Shopify chatbot. Our chatbot is designed to seamlessly integrate with Shopify.

  • Can be easily customized to your website

  • Hands-on professional support

  • Seamless integration with Shopify apps

  • Complete data security

Benefits of using

With’s Shopify live chatbot, you can:

1. Engage shoppers from the get go’s conversational AI-powered Shopify chatbot acts as a virtual assistant for each shopper. Helping them at each stage of their purchase just like an offline retail store assistant.

2. Reduce the number of support tickets with Instant FAQs

With’s conversational FAQ, you can configure instant automated FAQs to answer all product, brand, and policy FAQs instantly.

3. 24/7 always on smart customer support

Our Shopify live chatbot is equipped to handle all queries in live chat and assist shoppers around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

4. Handle high volume and reduced response time

Our chatbot can handle high volume and personalize multiple chats which is humanly impossible. Thus, slashing the response time as well as reducing that burden off your customer support teams.

5. Assistance in order tracking, cancellations, and refunds

Shoppers can request direct assistance for live-order tracking, cancellation, and refunds directly in live chat and get instant updates with our chatbot.

6. Reduce cart abandonment with personalized Exit cart campaigns

To reduce cart abandonment, our chatbot deploys an Exit Intent campaign when any shopper tries to exit the site/store. It uses personalized incentives like free-shipping and coupons to nudge the user to complete the purchase.

7. Improve customer engagement and boost customer satisfaction without burning a hole in your budget

Shoppers get instant and relevant information about products, brands, and shipping & return policies. As well as assistance in product search and personalized product recommendations calibrated according to their past purchase history.


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