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5 Types of Customer Support Services for Shopify Brands

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Customer Support Shopify brands

One of the most important aspects for any company is their customer service. A good company will always put effort into providing high-quality care and attention to each individual who shops with them, which can make all the difference between success or failure in today’s economy! There are many different types of services that Shopify stores offer when it comes time to assist customers; below I list some common ones people might use:

1. Phone Customer Support Service

Phone Customer Support Service

If you’ve ever had to call customer service for any reason, then chances are good that the long wait time and need of dedicated individuals was frustrating. The quality also largely depends on your experience with them; some people consider their experiences while others think they did an adequate job in addressing all issues or concerns raised through phone conversations.

Due to the pandemic, support calls have increased exponentially and as a result there has been an intensification of labor shortages. This makes it difficult for those working in this field because they are limited on work hours with little flexibility or 24/7 assistance if something goes wrong which often does given how rigid everything is structured. The lack of proper training also contributes heavily towards these problems.

2. Email Support

Email Support

Email is a powerful tool for connecting different stages in digital marketing. It can be used strategically and offers excellent communication when it connects you with your audience, regardless if they're checking their emails every day or not!

Email has become one of the most popular ways people get information nowadays- especially since there are over 4 billion users worldwide who send out an average 3 million emails per second . 95% check theirs at least once every 24 hours.

But, email support is time consuming, difficult to personalize and often overlooked as spam continues its reign. Emails can be only missed or prioritized over by other tasks which makes for difficult personalization as compared with other channels such as phone calls and social media interactions that require more time from you personally instead of relying on others who have busy schedules themselves!

3. Social Media Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service

In a world where everyone is on social media. Well... almost everyone, it's hard to overlook the importance of this medium. But managing customer support for global businesses who have different time zones and priorities with outrages from customers can be challenging!

It's hard to overlook the importance of social media when you are in business. It can be even harder managing customer service for this medium, but it is essential that companies who use Facebook or Twitter have knowledgeable staff members on their team so they know how best handle issues with customers online.

4. Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support

73% of customers say that a company valuing their time is the most important part of good customer service. Live-chat support can give representatives more opportunities to serve and also allows them access to provide responses in real-time, which are much better for understanding what you need without having any delay or interference.

Relish AI’s Conversational AI-powered Live-chat option understands context and tries to resolve any issue in the shortest possible time. It can also provide all the necessary information about the product or brand immediately at the same time.

5. Hybrid support system: Conversational AI + Live-chat + Email support

Conversational AI + Live-chat

Conversational AI can help businesses provide the most personalized chat experience for every customer by analyzing their preferences and account history. This is combined with 24/7 live-chat like availability, which improves customer service as people are able to contact you at any time of day or night if they need assistance with an order or question about your products--they'll get instant answers!

Relish AI’s hybrid customer support system can be seamlessly integrated into any site or your Shopify store and handle all your support functions from tracking to cancellation and more. Thereby freeing up your workforce to focus on issues that require creative solutions.


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