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4 Compelling Reasons Why Traditional Live Chat is Not Enough For the Modern Consumer

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

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We’re living in a world where technology moves at the speed of light. Customer support is no exception, and yet many businesses are still using legacy methods to communicate with customers online – which means they’re missing out on huge opportunities like providing pro-active customer support or generating leads from their websites!

The time for change has never been greater: if you want your company's name spoken amongst some big names then we suggest taking notice of this new trend before it becomes too late.

We are all too familiar with the downfall of Kodak, which was brought on by its refusal to move into digital photography. They failed at ignoring this new technology and were ultimately rendered bankrupt as a result. A similar fate could easily await any company that continues down its current path.

The future of live chat is here and it's changing the game. No longer just for customer support, Relish AI also personalizes each interaction so you can get your message across in a more personal way while increasing conversion rates like never before!

Here are the top 4 reasons why traditional live chat is not enough:

1. Live Chat is not enough for the modern-day consumer

In a traditional live chat, website visitors have to specify their query in detail and repeat the same information everywhere they interact with a new agent. The conversation is lost as soon as the chat window is closed. It can be particularly frustrating for modern-day consumers who expect personalization and quick resolution of queries.

Relish AI conversational AI-powered chatbots personalize each chat interaction using relevant customer data such as name, location, purchase history and previous interactions. This information can also be used to help support agents to understand the context of customer queries and resolve escalations faster.

2. Traditional Live Chat is Passive

Live chat was a great way to engage customers, but it's today's world demands live chats to not just be an answering service.

But what happens when a customer needs help after-hours? Prospective customers may wait around your website for a few minutes before they move on. With Relish AI you get 24/7 support with instant answers to pressing customers' queries about products, and policies as well as reduce your response time and support team’s workload by automating simple and repetitive tasks.

3. It lacks the personalization

Even if you have 24/7 chat help desk agents, they lack the context and personalization that modern-day customers crave in their interactions.

Relish AI’s chatbot adds the human touch by greeting each user by name or resume where they left off last time, which helps create an instant emotional connection that can't be achieved through text alone; it also uses previous interactions data points in order better understand user intent much more than any other medium--allowing businesses greater control over how they communicate across channels and create memorable brand experiences.

4. Live Chat is too Limiting

With traditional live chat, businesses use it exclusively for support cases and quickly forget about the conversation as soon as they resolve an issue. There are no leads or feedback loop to learn from - this makes other teams rework the work again!

The information gathered by these teams can be used to send emails or make calls, start outbound campaigns and better understand the audience's needs. It integrates with CRM software so that data about your customers are automatically populated into it which will allow you to pursue more leads/close deals easily!

Adapting for the future Live chat is good, but chatbots are the future! Live chat needs constant maintenance and manned customer support. The new breed of AI-powered chatbots don't demand as much work from you or your team - they're self-driven so all your time can go towards what matters most: growing your business.

We live in a world where people's attention spans are shorter than ever before. Relish AI conversational AI-powered chatbot can help you keep your customers engaged by answering their queries instantly, generating leads, and giving your sales team crucial information about what’s happening with customers, all from one simple page!

You'll be able to take advantage of this great opportunity by signing up for our 14-day trial - we promise it will not disappoint!


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