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Personalize your customer interactions to sell more

Stop relying on limited, impersonal messaging and start engaging your customers the way they want.

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Why choose Relish AI for Personalization?


Of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers a personalized shopping experience

7 out 10

Expressed frustration because of poorly curated shopping experience


Average increase in sales for marketers with Relish AI chatbot personalization

  • Deliver personalized shopping experience 24/7 

Meet the individual needs of each consumer by tailoring your product offers and recommendations based on their preferences and purchase history with Relish AI even when you are offline

  • Boost customer acquisition and store conversions

Relish AI chatbot asks customers and visitors relevant questions to understand customer needs and preferences. This helps you to deliver personalized offers and recommendations to convert visitors to customers

  • Inspire retention and sell more with personalized communications 

Tailor experiences or communications based on information gathered by the chatbot to create hyper-personalized campaigns on and off the site to grow your sales and brand retention.

“I spent an entire weekend researching and looking at various AI chatbots but soon realized none of them was as good as Relish AI, and that was my opinion even before I downloaded the app and started working with the Relish.AI team. The team customized our chatbot with data, questions/answers and FAQs specific to our products and Shopify store. Whether you are a one-person shop or a large company, this chatbot will help you provide great customer support to your customers, grow your business and save you time and money.”



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