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Increase your average order value by personalized upsell

Adding upsell at strategic points in a customer journey can help grow order sizes using Relish AI’s personalized upsell feature

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Why choose Relish AI for Personalized Upselling?


Of existing shoppers are more likely to buy with upselling


Of first time buyers are likely to return to buy more


Of consumers purchased something more expensive because of personalized upselling

  • Take a data-driven approach to upsell 

Use data-driven insights and historical data to analyze your customer's purchase behaviors to recommend personalized products

  • Boost average order value and customer lifetime value

Businesses can increase average order value (AOV) by up to 20% as well as increase conversion rates with strategic upselling

  • Sell more with personalized recommendations 

Hyper-personalized selling is the new way to increase your customer's average order value. The chatbot tailors its communication and upselling strategies based on information learned through chats, emails or purchase history so you can create lifelong followers who will become advocates for your brand!

“I needed to upgrade to a chatbot that was modern, affordable & produced results. The integration process was very easy even for a not so tech person like me. I've made a sale already. Customer Support has always been available & quick to respond with useful tips and instructions. They seem to have an interest in helping my company grow..”


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