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Introducing Conversational FAQ’s

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Instant answers to popular questions in chat

Human Hand and bot conections

Did you know that businesses lose $75 Billion in revenue every year when unsatisfied customers switch to another brand? Why? Customer service issues. Last year alone saw 67% of customers moved away from brands because they did not receive the customer service they required!

The existing support chatbot solutions are highly robotic, menu or keyword-based and fail to understand the context of conversations, leading to frustrated customers and loss of sale/potential lead for the businesses.

Client's chat with bot

There is little doubt that the direct-to-consumer (DTC) revolution is reshaping the retail landscape in a significant way. However, with that shift also comes an added weight of customer expectations and creating a consistently positive experience.

While some brands have been able to deliver on that, it’s a small portion. The majority of brands find it challenging to meet these expectations, creating a roadblock in DTC success.

Online consumers today want instant answers and a smooth experience. Wait times, missing information, and a generally poor experience will drive customers away in droves. It’s the primary reason why so many retailers miss out on higher customer acquisition rates and sales.

How do we solve this and move away from spammy and irrelevant customer service that’s available 24/7? Customers should have a great experience every time they come to the site, even if customer support is offline.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution.

Say Goodbye to Away Messages, Contact Forms, & Queues!

Relish AI Conversational FAQ is here to change the customer experience.

The Conversational FAQ’s feature is one of the first AI-powered chatbot platforms, built to scale conversations for onsite support & sales.

Relish AI’s instant conversational FAQs can:

  • Build trust with visitors unfamiliar with your brand and products

  • Cut through the noise and give customers a consistently positive customer experience

  • Convert at a 10x higher rate than all other platforms in the universe when you're not available.

Easily add frequently asked questions to your Relish AI shopping assistant. When customers ask relevant brand and product questions, your chatbot will provide an instant answer.

MS Skincare live Chat
online chat

A human touch to online chat

Relish AI is designed to be your next (and best!) customer support team member.

With Conversational FAQs, you can set up the chatbot to intelligently and automatically deliver the right help, to the right customer, at the right time. It ensures a smooth question and answer experience that gives customers the information they need to make a purchase and help them find the perfect product.

Conversational FAQs deliver a consistently great experience that works around your customer’s schedules rather than the other way around. No irrelevant messages, no annoying pop-ups, just great customer support.

At the end of the day, what the customer cares the most about is the speed, usefulness, and quality of the assistance they receive. Chatbot or human, nothing beats fantastic customer service and sales growth!


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