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Beat Monday blues - How to avoid weekend support ticket pile-ups?

Beat Support overload Monday blues with Relish AI chatbots

Does this sound familiar? You log in on Monday, the first thing you see is a long backlog of customer support tickets. It can be overwhelming and create Monday blues, right?

Today, more than ever, it’s essential to provide great customer service.

And it’s easy to see why.

Recent reports by Zendesk and the Rockefeller Corporation indicated that 67% of shoppers will leave and shop elsewhere if they are unhappy with the service you provide.

And unhappy customers rarely come back, what they do is share their bad experiences.

Research by Nielsen-McKinsey found that a single negative post on social media can have the same effect on a customer's decision as 5 positive social media posts!

According to ZendeskcxTrends2022 report, 82% of customers say that a quick resolution of issues is a clear sign of great customer service.

This is where customer support automation like Relish AI comes in!

Relish AI can help you automate your sales and support to increase customer engagement, improve conversions and boost customer satisfaction & retention even when you are offline.

3 ways to Relish AI can help beat Monday blues for your support teams

1. Reduced response time

Customers hate waiting.

Especially for simple tasks like queries about FAQs or shipping or return policy. With Relish AI, you can automate these simple and repetitive tasks and free your support team to focus on more complex support issues.

2. Empower customers with self-service

One way to reduce customer requests and waiting time is to let your customers solve their issues themselves?

Customers are more likely than ever before to take matters into their own hands when they have an issue with a product or service. More than 70% think it’s important for companies' websites to include self-service applications, and 50 % expect to solve their issues themselves.

With Relish AI, customers have complete access to Relish AI’s knowledge base directly from the chat window. This includes instant answers to product or service questions. As well as chatbot assisted live-order tracking, cancellations, refunds and returns.

3. All relevant customer information is at the agent’s fingertips

All customer queries go through the chatbot and If it can't solve a customer issue, then it requests a human agent to take over. The bot provides all of the information it collected during its interaction with the customer.

The agent now empowered with all relevant information can chat with the customer till the issue is resolved.


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