How a skincare brand increased profits by automating 100% of their live chat support

Updated: Apr 14


M.S. Skincare is a New York-based luxury brand that sells ethically produced vegan skincare products. It is also one of the many Shopify merchants that uses the Relish AI shopping assistant to grow their business.

Relish.AI turns offline challenges into online solutions

Before the pandemic, Anit M.S Skincares' founder was focused on steadily growing her brand. But as we all know, pandemics change things. Suddenly, she found herself in overdrive, trying to keep up with the increased demand for her products.

She knew there had to be a solution out there for all those moments when the team was offline, but customers were online. Her customers needed instant engagement and answers, and she could see traffic drop when that didn’t happen. It was not a good feeling, so she went out in search of solutions.

And that’s how Anit found Relish AI.

It was free to try, so why not take a chance?

She installed Relish AI from the Shopify App Store. She quickly launched conversational instant answers and was up and running in no time! Customers could get fast responses through the site's chat widget, and things just went up from there.

How Relish.AI improved the customer experience

Within a week of installing Relish AI, the team saw a difference.

  • Site visitors could quickly find the answers they needed

  • Order tracking and return support was automated; instant answers were provided to product questions

  • New customer acquisition increased.

  • Best of all, her business increased revenue without spending more on ads.

We could go on, but you get the idea.

The value of Relish AI for e-commerce businesses

So how did M.S. Skincare see such dramatic change?

Here’s what Anit told us:

"We've been following Relish AI's advice on utilizing the skills available in the chat widget, and we’re incredibly happy with the growth we’ve seen!"

The Relish AI Shopping Assistant App has become a staple part of M.S. Skincare’s digital engagement strategy, and she can’t recommend it enough for other businesses looking to grow their e-commerce business.

Their current favourite feature? Relish AI's new skill, "Email Chat," because it does exceedingly well in adding a personalized human touch to engaging and converting visitors in real-time from email campaigns.

Relish AI delivers consistent value for customers

Here are some more examples of how we help businesses grow:

  • A start-up nutrition company embraced Relish AI as its only digital teammate focused on sales conversion, leading to a 25% sales increase thanks to the Relish AI Shopping Assistant.

  • A firefighting supply company run by a retired firefighter. They installed Relish AI and went live within the same day, and 3 months later, they have increased revenues by 20% and decreased their support tickets by 50%.

  • A Home decor brand from Canada has been new to Relish AI but has seen its sales increase by over 20% and decreased their support tickets by over 30% by automating responses to the frequently asked questions their customers are asking directly in the chat.

As you can see, the Relish AI works across industries and has an incredible impact on growth and revenue! On average, customers can expect a 20-30% sales increase, with minimal effort needed for setup.

Where Relish AI really thrives is that it allows merchants to go back to do the things they love finally. Customer service and live sales tasks take up a lot of time, can be overwhelming, and most small business owners are looking to outsource these tasks to some capacity, and that’s where Relish AI comes in.

So here’s why you need to download Relish AI right now:

  • Start saving time and automate immediately

  • Save money rather than hiring someone for the task

  • Improve the customer experience exponentially by providing immediate and fast support

  • Increase profits and accelerate revenue growth month-over-month. Generally, stores see 20-30% revenue uplift. 80% of Relish AI customers see the value of their investment within a month!

And of course, Relish AI won’t let you down.

It works for you 24/7 and is always there to help your business grow and give your customers the best experience possible!