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How Relish AI Helped Scale This Shark Tank Innovator

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Merrick's Maxfield

Yoghurt? Who doesn’t love yoghurt? But Merrick Maxfield is taking it to the next level. This Shark Tank contestant created ‘Juggurt’, the world’s first and only in-bottle system for creating homemade probiotics, all without the skill and hassle, whilst reducing plastic waste generated by store-bought probiotics.

Preparing for the Shark Tank

Before the Shark Tank episode, Maxfield tried all solutions on Shopify to scale the traffic and find a solution to answer all visitor queries. He reached out to Relish AI a day before his Shark Tank episode. Anticipating a massive influx of visitors on his site once the episode aired, he wanted to capitalize on the opportunity and devise a way to help the site visitors with relevant products and brand information 24/7.

Growth in the time of the pandemic

Since the pandemic, the demand for healthy and homemade probiotics has just skyrocketed. Providing dedicated assistance to all visitors and orders from different time zones became absolutely essential.

Relish AI helped Maxfield scale the business, assist site visitors and provide 24/7 support.

How Relish AI helped

With Conversational FAQ’s installed on the site, the first step was providing visitors and customers instantaneous responses to their queries, be it relating to the product information, general brand questions, their order status, or cancellation 24/7.

The second step was reducing abandoned carts through chat, here personalized chat incentives like special offers and free shipping were used if the users displayed an intent to exit the site without purchasing.

The result

In just 30 days, with conversational FAQ’s providing all the necessary brand and products information, the number of orders and leads generated jumped 40%. Juggurt’s Email list grew by 30% with Relish AI’s turnkey lead generation features.

Merrick's Maxfield Review

Why choose Relish AI for your e-commerce business

  • Uninterrupted 24/7 customer support service

  • Conversational FAQ’s to engage and build brand trust

  • Automate order tracking and return support

  • Conversion from visitors to customers

  • Reduction in abandonment rate

  • Drastic reduction in marketing costs while growing the business

Relish AI is also adept at helping businesses manage heavier workloads created by the competing demands of shrinking workforces and higher product inquiries during the pandemic. With Relish AI handling routine questions and transactions, businesses can spend more time building relationships with their customers or work.


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