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Simplify the path to purchase with
Relish AI

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A new way to personalize your customers’ shopping experience.

14-day free trial

Automate your sales and support

Relish AI chatbots intelligently handle every single one of your visitors’ requests

Support your support team
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Reduce the burden on your support by automating simple and repetitive tasks like order tracking & FAQ queries

Support your support team
Increase Conversion

Chatbot assistance at every touchpoint to improve customer engagement, increase store conversions

Increase Conversion
Instant FAQs

Instant conversational answers for product, brand and policy FAQs with Relish AI’s conversational FAQ 

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Give instant and personalized assistance to boost customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty and retention

Automate sales and support

Build your brand loyalty and increase conversions with personal shopping assistants.

Be there for every customer at every touchpoint.

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