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11 Must-Have Shopify Apps For Fashion Stores in 2022

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

With over a million merchants on the Shopify platform, the fashion industry constitutes about 25% of them. Fashion is one of the most popular as well as one of the most competitive industries. The fashion industry generated $709 Billion in the year 2020 and is expected to reach around $859 Billion by 2022.

With the world moving towards online fashion, the need for an online presence is a must. But finding the right apps for your Shopify store can prove to be a daunting task. From Shopify FAQ apps to online chat support apps to cross-sell apps, here are 11 must-have Shopify apps for fashion stores.

1. Relish AI

Relish AI is a Shopify app for online chat support that can provide instant product or brand information, and help automate all your store support functions from ordering, and cancellations to returns. It also helps reduce cart abandonment by offering personalized incentives directly in the chat window as well as providing seamless integration with other Shopify apps.

Key Features

  • Conversational FAQs for instant product and brand information

  • Easy-to-add upsell and cross-sell functionality

  • Reduces cart abandonment

  • Automate all support functions

  • Reduce bounce rate and support tickets

2. PickyStory

PickyStory makes it easy for fashion merchants to create cross-selling and upselling deals that can be displayed throughout their stores, resulting in a higher average order value (AOV) and more revenue. Options include cross-selling with frequently bought together bundles on your product pages or creating sets of products that are sold as a single item.

Key Features:

  • Deals include bundles, kits, shoppable galleries, bundle builders, and more

  • Display deals on any page in your store (or as popups)

  • Add optional discounts to all deals

  • Simply drag and drop deals onto pages (no code required)

  • Style widgets to match your brand’s fonts and colours

UpPromote is an all-in-one automated affiliate and influencer marketing solution. As the no #1 affiliate marketing app for Shopify App stores, UpPromote helps you create a professional affiliate program and quickly approach potential affiliates.

Some amazing key features include:

  • Customer referral: This feature allows merchants to automatically generate a pop-up widget on Shopify websites so that customers can easily refer products in a matter of seconds

  • UpPromote Marketplace: Expand the network of potential ambassadors/influencers/publishers in UpPromote Marketplace.

  • Auto-generate referral affiliate links and coupons.

  • The reliable tracking process: Track every click, and order from partners with various tracking methods.

  • Powerful management: Customize everything to match your brand and take full control of how affiliates refer to your business.

Looking for more information about UpPromote here

And, as part of the 3rd Birthday Celebration, UpPromote is excited to announce the Spin-to-Win minigames for new users with 100% chances of winning. This game is only available for a first-time installer from 13th June 2022 to 30th June 2022. Join with UpPromote here

4. Engati

Engati is a leading Customer Experience platform powered by Conversational Automation & Intelligence. We make it possible for businesses to personalize their customer journey by managing all conversations across all channels in one place. The pre-existing templates are straightforward and customized based on your website's needs.

5. Social Photos - Connect your customer-generated content with Shopify

Social Photos

Social Photos is a great app that allows users to see what your clothes look like on different people. The app allows those who bought your clothes to share them on Instagram and Facebook. The most impressive feature of this app creates an image gallery for the users when they tag themselves wearing their clothes.

Key Features

  • Content pre-moderation

  • Community page

  • Shoppable customer photos

  • Remove Social Photos branding

  • Product galleries

6. Instafeed


Instagram as a platform is gradually becoming an essential tool for all fashion merchants. According to a recent report by Accenture, about 33% of users of the 500 Million Instagram users have brought items of clothing after seeing them on the platform. Expanding your brand on Instagram can help you reach a wider audience of fashion enthusiasts and increase conversions.

Key Features

  • Create social evidence

  • Extend your Instagram scope to visitors to your stores

  • Use Instagram to instantly bring fresh content to your store


Smile understands the power of incentives and rewarding your loyal customers to keep them coming back to your store with their loyalty reward program. The app allows you to improve your customer loyalty through points, referrals and VIP programs.

Key Features

  • Advanced design customization

  • VIP programs

  • Customizable email notifications and referral messaging

  • Points expiry

  • Customer segmentation

  • Account and launch management

8. Collection Filter

Collection Filter

Collection Filter is a simple yet useful app that allows users to sort products by colour, size and other custom filters. It helps direct the users to products they are looking for, instead of having to sort through things they don’t want, losing interest and exiting the store without making a purchase.

Key Features

  • Custom navigation menus

  • Highly customizable collection filters to match your store

  • Customer support team

9. Shop The Look

Shop The Look

Shop The Look is a good cross-selling app that users can use to determine other items from the store that might look good with the clothes they are about to purchase. The app allows shoppers to add to the cart any items the featured model in a particular product picture without having to navigate through each page individually.

Key Features

  • Great upselling and cross-selling tools in the app

  • Fully responsive and designed for mobile phones

  • Live chat support and one-on-one onboarding

  • Customize all of your call-to-action buttons

  • Track add-to-cart revenue

  • Seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics and Back In Stock

10. Back In Stock

Back In Stock

Back in Stock notifies shoppers when the item they wanted to buy is back in stock. The minute the item is back in stock, shoppers receive an Email or SMS.

Key Features

  • Easy customer sign up for “back in stock” email alerts

  • Installation takes less than 30 seconds

  • Create custom experiences with your buttons

  • Integrates with MailChimp, Klaviyo, Shoelace retargeting, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor

11. USAdrop‑ Oberlo Dropshipping


USAdrop is a good app for all the drop shippers out there. The app helps you find products that you can dropship directly to your customers, never worry about inventory, packaging, or shipping.

Key Features

  • Forever Free price plan

  • Detailed product statistics

  • Order tracking

  • Sales dashboard

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Product page customization

  • Inventory and price-auto updates


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