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Today's shoppers expect personalized & immediate attention! Get rid of the Away Messages and take advantage of our proprietary conversational AI platform that leverages machine learning to instantly answer customer questions 24/7.

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Lower Customer Support Costs

Empower Live Agents To Do More

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The app automatically & quickly lets our customers track orders, provide recommendations, and shop our extensive product catalog. 

Joseph C.

Rockwell Nutrition 

Why Relish AI


Sales AI

You've got a 24/7 virtual shopping assistant that will help you boost sales and automate your customer support with a human touch.

Simple Setup

Voice & chat based apps can be launched quickly for multiple platforms.

No Coding Required.


We automatically optimize your virtual shopping assistant in real-time.

We handle the backend and do all the work for you!

Next Generation Conversational AI

Your shoppers want to interact with their own words naturally


Have more personalized conversations at scale

Knowledge Graph

Deep Graph of Semantic knowledge 

High Performance

We can provide rich personalized shopping experiences on small amounts of domain data

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